Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I know, I am ignoring myspace

I have been so darn crafty lately. And I lucked out with having 2 partners for the gibbous swap, and as soon as I get the second package pictures and sent I will post both items I made here. I feel very proud of the skirt I just made without a pattern and just by measurements.

I also am in a dollar store swap, haven't sent but rec'd an awesome package today. Swapping is the most fun ever, except when you get flaked on.

Sister and another friend may get an apartment together.

Switched to day shift. No other news.

Need a $3 idea to finish out one swap. She likes rainbows and glitter.

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Knickertwist said...

Hey, stumbled over from craftster... I really liked your confetti bag :) Contrats on quitting the ciggies, keep at it!